Heavy club challenge

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Take our heavy club challenge! You are guaranteed to improve strength and mobility, and your club swinging skills as mentioned by our previous participants.

It’s important to stay active through this period of the year, where we all feel the effect of shorter days and comfort foods.

From experience, you know is always easier to stay in low gear than having to start from scratch after a few weeks of inactivity. We’re here to provide a little inspiration and motivation!

For those who are willing to follow a simple 20 minute daily training regimen that will hit the whole body, go ahead and give our 21 day challenge a go.

Before you start the heavy club challenge

Watch the intro video to learn what it’s all about, and what you need to complete it.

Although any club 3kg + can be used, our Pahlavandle TG70 is the perfect length and design for the exercises, and you can adjust the weight as you become stronger and more skilled.

We originally ran the 21 day heavy club challenge over a Facebook group back in 2020. You can see how much participants got out of it!

After completion, many of them went on and downloaded our Indian club challenge, which adds kettlebells/ sandbag into the mix. You’ll also learn more push up variations and complex club exercise.
A die is rolled to figure out the exercise selection, and training volume at each session.

This ensures you do not get bored with the program! Go check out The Indian club challenge!

Testimonials from previous participants

In 21 days, you will have created a new and positive habit, and feel like a new man or woman!

Remember this takes only a maximum of 20 minutes a day for 3 weeks!
Some of the participants used the challenge a s a warm up for their barbell strength training sessions. It’s up to you to assess how much training you can manage over this holiday season.

Go ahead and start today by watching day 1, where Thierry demonstrates the exercises. Start light, and read the video description each time for the exercise order of the day.

Train along with 21 daily videos

Save the playlist , and leave a comment on Youtube to let us know how you’re enjoying the challenge!

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