Best Indian club exercises for low ceilings

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What are good Indian club exercises for low ceilings? We hear this issue now and then, so find out how you can address it with some simple solutions!

You do not have to be stuck with doing basic pendulums and swipes, if you train in your garage or flat…

Usually low ceilings are less of a problem if you swing heavy clubs, as you rarely fully extend the arms overhead.

Persian meels workoutSo the first solution would be to switch from open style to closed style, typical of swings done with Persian meels and Mudgars. You can do meel exercises, even with light clubs, or simply fill your Pahlvandle with gravel or sand.

However, it is possible to still perform open style swings under low ceilings.

In the videos below, Thierry shows you some options to perform the signature move of light British style clubs, the double heart shaped swing.

He demonstrates correct technique, the common mistake to avoid when swinging under low ceilings, and the 3 main modifications to use at home. Hint, it’s about your stance.

  1. Swing from a kneeling position WITHOUT the clubs touching the ground. Hardly anyone thinks of this simple solution!
  2. Shift to a wide stance.
  3. Swing while seated.

Advanced Indian club exercises for low ceilings

Another option, if your knees can take it, is to lower your body as the clubs go up by doing an overhead squat or some type of lunge, as demonstrated below.

Coordinating the upper and lower body to go in 2 different directions is challenging at first, but offers multiple advantages like training legs and balance.

Last option, substitute heavy club exercises with a kettlebell.

As you can see, there no single best Indian club exercises for low ceilings. You may not be able to do a full flow, but you certainly can do all exercises with a bit of creativity.

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