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Indian clubs and how to use: a short guide to help you learn the fastest progressions for light and heavy Indian clubs, going from simple to complex exercises.

If you are new to Indian clubs, you want to learn how to swing them safely and properly, and without loosing your motivation!

One of the downside to free information like on YouTube is that content is not organized progressively for beginners, and it is easy to get discouraged by attempting to learn an exercise that is not suited for the person’s level.
Many people post fancy looking stuff on social medias, but have no real experience of how to break things down in a simple manner for anyone to learn it.

I have been teaching people about Indian clubs and how to use them since 2010 through weekly classes, workshops, team building events and instructor courses.
I personally design all the content of our video courses and downloads based on the experience I have gathered since then.

Indian clubs and how to use them: review

Our video courses and programs are designed with the new beginner in mind, using a step by step approach that is easy to follow on your own.
You are also guaranteed to learn something new in our videos, even if you have swung clubs for some time or attended a workshop.
And if you need more challenge and complex instruction, we have that also. Read on!

Light or heavy Indian clubs?

handmade wooden Indian clubsLight Indian clubs are typically swung in pairs while the heavy ones can be swung both single and double.

We like to separate club swinging into 2 styles: open (light) and closed (heavy).
Light clubs focus more on mobility and coordination, while heavy clubs focus more on full body strength and conditioning.

mudgar mugdar indian clubs Both styles are complementary and have their own challenges.

Circles are circles, regardless the weight of a club, and they form the alphabet of club swinging. The only differences come in the safe and smooth execution of those circles.

Once you know the difference, you’ll have no problem switching between both styles.

Starting weight

A good starting weight for light clubs is 0,5-0,75kg for ladies, 1-1,2kg for men.

For heavy clubs, start around 2-3kg if swinging single handed, or 3-5kg if swinging with 2 hands on the club.
By all means, you can use lighter weights, but be aware that a club that is too light doesn’t give a good feedback about the swings.

Starting with a single club, regardless of what/ how you end up swinging makes sense as it is the simplest and fastest way to learn. This teaching approach has also been used historically.

heavy indian club exercises by warman
Indian club exercises by E.B Warman, 1915

5 day Indian clubs intro course for healthier shouldersDownload our 5 days to healthier shoulders course. There are 5 lessons of 15 minutes that takes you from simple pendulums to the signature move of club swinging, the heart shaped swing, and a simple workout template you can use for inspiration.

You only need 1 club for the whole course, but once you can do the exercises on each side, you’ll easily be able to do them with 2 clubs!

What’s next?

After you have done our intro course, we have many other courses and programs you could do.

Closed style club swinging

If you are more interested in strength and full body workouts with Indian clubs, here are the recommended videos. The videos include tutorials and actual full body training program that will keep you busy for months.
Remember not to rush and swing too heavy a club because you want to get strong in a hurry! Your body structure needs time to adapts safely.

The Pahlavandle original is fine to get started, but you will eventually need a heavier club. Our adjustable Pahlavandle Gama or Pahlavandle TG can be loaded progressively and swing like traditional Indian clubs, not like a piece of steel pipe…

Intermediate level

  • Hanuman series 1-6: single club and bodyweight exercises. Each series show more and more complex exercises.

  • The Indian club challenge: single club, bodyweight exercises and kettlebells. The program shows you basic and more advanced variations.

  • Persian meels 101: club swinging with 2 clubs as done in the traditional Zoorkhanehs of Iran.

Advanced level

  • The ace of clubs: Hand to hand exercises with single club and bodyweight exercises.

All these programs are great if you’re interested in building strength and improving your cardiovascular fitness, and may even be combined with your regular strength program.

Open style club swinging

If you’re more interested in the British style with 2 light clubs, and primarily developing your mobility and coordination, our Club swinging 101-104 programs cover all the essential swings, change of directions, transitions and combinations you’ll need to master.

Beginner level

Intermediate level

Advanced level

Let us teach you about Indian clubs and how to use them, you won’t regret it!

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