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In this article, we’re going to cover the special features of our Pahlavandle Gama plate loadable mace, and share some training ideas.

In India, depictions of deities like Hanuman and Vishnu, and the legendary wrestler – The Great Gama – are seen holding a similar mace. We thought it was a fitting name for our mace.

Where does the design of the Pahlavandle Gama plate loadable mace come from?

pahlavandle gama plate loadable mace bulava

Most maces on the market, including steel maces, are shaped after the design of the long maces used by the wrestlers of Northern India.

That type of traditional mace, called a gada, typically has a long bamboo handle fitted with a heavy stone or concrete weight at the end. Being around 120cm and longer, and with a hugely offset weight, it is mainly used for a specific set of exercises, replicating the wrestler throwing his opponent over the shoulder.

But, the mace was a melée weapon long before it became a piece of strength training equipment, and it was shorter in length! Foot soldiers from ancient civilizations to the middle ages carried maces of roughly 60-90 cm in length.

We settled on this design as there is nothing like it so far, and because a shorter mace such as our Pahlavandle Gama mace offers a wider range of exercise possibilities.

Acting as a hybrid between an Indian club and a mace, a Slavic bulava and a Japanese chi ishi, you can use the Pahalavandle Gama plate loadable mace in programs such as The Ace of clubs, Hanuman workout series, and The Indian club challenge.

Mace fighting

Hamuman and his gada maceFootsoldiers maces are used for Gada-yuddha, or the Tamil art of mace fighting. The art has been preserved in Southern India, and is experiencing a cultural re-birth thanks to the efforts of the World Gada Sport Federation.

Check out the features of the Pahlavandle Gama

  • Accepts 50mm Olympic size plates and lock jaw collars
  • Total length: 73 cm
  • 29 cm loading sleeve
  • Handle length: 36 cm
  • Handle diameter: 40 mm thick mahogany handle
  • Weight: c. 1 kg

Pahlavandle Gama gada mace plate loaded Indian clubThe loading sleeve accepts up to 5*5 kg plates and 2 lock jaw collars. Always use 2 lock jaw collars to hold the weight plates securely in place.

Adjusting the weight is as fast and as simple as it gets! Just slide the weight plates through the pommel, secure them in place, and you’re good to go!

You can change the feel of how the gada mace swings by playing with the weight distribution of the plates, pushing the center of gravity further away from the tip.

The Pahlavandle Gama’s unique design offers unique grip exercises possibilities.

Mace workout inspiration

The moves in this workout video are the same you would do with a heavy Indian club, but the weight distribution and feeling of the swings is where the difference is felt!

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