Would YOU give up on your injuries?

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Some people go through horrible injuries and never go back to their full self, while others do.

This topic is deeply fascinating for me, I decided to do a follow up interview with Chris after the publication of his testimonial a couple of months ago.

I think you will find it hugely inspiring and motivating.

Chris was hit by a car at age 8, and was in so much pain and discomfort that by age 21, his mum offered to buy him a walker.

He followed his intuitions to help restore balance in his body through physical training and therapy with mixed results. One of the modalities he found to help him like nothing else was swinging the pahlavandle

Listen to the interview to find out how far he’s come when adversity was paving the road. It’s truly been an amazing road to recovery, and a great testimonial to how attitude can work for you or against you.

“I can’t say enough about the amount of shoulder and back health and even hip health (Heart shaped swings into an overhead squat are FANTASTIC for connecting tricky hips to tricky shoulders in a functional way) I’ve regained in the last 2 weeks.  It’s like 10 years of progress.  When I lift my arms now my core starts to automatically engage!  This is after 2 weeks! It’s almost a miracle.” -Chris Webb-

Podcast breakdown 

  • 1:26 Chris’s accident and further injuries
  • 3:50 Restricted mobility
  • 4:50 Taking the good and the bad things in your life
  • 5:40 Refusing to use a walker
  • 6:30 Committed to being fit but realizing the issues with strength training
  • 8:10 Searching for answers and different therapies
  • 9:30 Parallels with Ron’s accident and recovery
  • 10:10 How you need to be motivated and never give up to find solutions
  • 11.10 How Indian clubs provide helpful clues in the recovery process
  • 11:40 Ten  minutes a day is enough but it won’t happen overnight
  • 12:50 What it was like to swing clubs the first time
  • 14:20 Getting out of bed then and now
  • 17:45 How club swinging has improved breathing mechanics
  • 19:00 Amazing progress in 2 months of consistent practice
  • 19:42 How Chris came across the Pahlavandle
  • 20:28 The need for gradual weight increases
  • 21:14 The best way to start with Indian clubs and learn online at home
  • 22:20 Chris’s training plan
  • 25:50 Other tools that have helped Chris’s recovery

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