How to build a Shena Push Up Board in 8 minutes!

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In this article, we are going to show you how to build a shena push up board for your body type. It takes only 8 minutes, and you don’t need any power tools!
Shena push ups are always performed in the Zoorkhaneh before Indian club swinging, so if you swing Indian clubs, pay attention. History left clues…

The Shena board represents a sword. Legend has it that the warriors did their push ups off their swords to avoid their hands sinking in the soft desert sand. Since the Zoorkhaneh is highly ritualistic and traditionalist, to this day, push ups are performed on a shena, a wooden push up board.

In the video below, Ron takes you into the Heroic Sport workshop, and builds one in front of the camera in about 8 minutes!

Even if you’re not a handyman, you should be able to build this simple tool.


If you usually have sore wrists when doing push ups, the shena might be a good thing for you to experiment with, as it removes some of the stress on the wrists. With the fingers wrapped up around the board instead of stretched out. most people manage fine! 

Shena push ups are performed at a slow and steady tempo, allowing for a dynamic stretch in the top position.Slow tempo, also means they are done for high reps. 

In our Meels 101 video course, we have set a benchmark test for push ups and 4 count swings. Check it out!


You’ll need a wooden board of about 120cm, roughly 6cm wide and 2cm thick, or as close as you can find in your hardwarde store.
With your elbows by your sides, lift your hands up, creating a W. Your hands will be just outisde your shoulders. That is the length of your board for YOU!

The tools you need are:
• a handsaw
• a screwdriver (OK, Ron’s cheating, he’s using a cordless)
• 8* 70mm screws with a tapered head
• a bit of sandpaper

If your push up board slides around, use some chair leg pads. Voila!

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