How to swing Indian clubs, change direction, rhythm and patterns

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If you’re looking to learn how to swing Indian clubs, change direction, rhythm and patterns, we teach you step by step!

Indian clubs transitions are the essence of the art of club swinging. Transitions require great coordination and timing to get right, and provide a fantastic spectacle and sense of achievement at the same time.

We have 2 video downloads purely dedicated to the breakdown of double heart shaped swings, the signature move of Indian clubs, and transitions. We teach you how to change direction, shape or pattern, and go from in sync to out of sync swings.

Isn’t it time to take your skills to the next level?  Even if you have swung Indian clubs for years and attended workshops, we are certain that we can teach you how to swing Indian clubs even better.

Our Indian club swinging 102 and 103 show the essential viewing angles and break down the moves step by step, in a slow pace, for easy learning.
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Check out a couple of teasers right here and now, and read on for a review from an experienced club swinger.

Club swinging 102: heart shaped essentials

Here you can learn all the individual swings, and how to switch directions with a single club.

Swings with 1 club

  • Single Inner Heart Shaped Swing
  • Single Outer Heart Shaped Swing
  • Inner to outer switch
  • Outer to Inner Switch #1
  • Outer to Inner Switch #2
  • Single Club Switch Flow
  • Under Hand Heart Shaped Swing
  • Over hand heart shaped Swing

Swings with 2 clubs

  • Double Inner Swing
  • Double Outer Swing
  • Parallel swing
  • Alternating Inner Heart Shaped Swing
  • Alternating Outer Heart Shaped Swing
  • Windmill
  • Double 8s Heart Shaped Swing, Overhand
  • Double 8s Heart Shaped Swing, Underhand

Total playing time: 47 minutes

Club swinging 103: advanced transitions

In this video course, we cover how to change directions in flow for the double heart shaped swings. Once you master this, everything becomes easier!

In sync swings

  • Double Inner to Double Outer Switch
  • Double Outer to Double Inner Switch -Indian Cross
  • Double Outer to Double Inner Switch- Reverse Cross
  • Parallel Switch
  • Double Inner Swing to Parallel and back
  • Double Outer Swing to Parallel and back

Out of sync swings

  • Alternating Inner to Outer Switch
  • Alternating Outer to Inner Switch
  • Alternating Inner Swing to Windmill and back
  • Alternating Outer Swing to Windmill and back
  • How to change the rhythm of a swing

Total playing time: 38 minutes

What our customers have to say about our way to teach how to swing Indian clubs

Here’s a testimonial from Mark D. from England. Not everybody posts reviews on our products, but we receive lots of emails!

“In the last few weeks I’ve been actively using the Heroic Sport training material and I’m now in a position to give some feedback.

I’ve been club swinging for about six or seven years having first learnt the military-style from a couple of Mike Simpson’s weekend sessions in Sheffield.  Together with one of his training DVD’s, this was my grounding. 

Over the years, I have built up a good set of wooden clubs spanning the 1.00 to 4.00 kg range, together with a single Sim Kehoe 6.00 kg replica. However, I have become increasingly dissatisfied with my style and skills.

The style I learnt focused more on the individual swings to the neglect of the switches and transitions between them. 

I have since realized these transitions are the essence of the art of club swinging.  At the same time, the military-style – at attention, face forward – has increasingly felt artificial and restricted. 

Internet and YouTube searches reveal that there are many impressive examples of complex choreography and whole-body sequences out there.  However, for me at least, most create more frustration than enlightenment.  They are rarely broken down into the basic building blocks that you first need to master.

This frustration and wish to improve eventually led me to Heroic Sport. For someone wanting to learn Indian clubs, or improve their  ability, especially those looking for more natural whole-body flows, without doubt  – Heroic Sport is the best there is.  

The training materials are well organised and widely illustrated.  Through Thierry’s  expert instruction and useful tips, you are taken from the essential building blocks (grips, breathing, stance, etc) through the main swings to the switches and transitions you need to gracefully move between.  The video is excellent quality and the use of slow motion, special clubs, front and back views, and step by step troubleshooting, works very well. 

I have mainly spent the last few weeks working through the sections on switching direction, changing swings and changing rhythm.  While I have still a lot of practice to look forward to, I can do things now that I could not before! 

Its opened up a whole new dimension of the clubs. “

In the video below, I switch between heart shaped swings by using stopping one club in a static hold, which is a great way to start, and easier for people. But all transitions can be done in flow. Practice, and if you manage to perform the whole routine flawlessly with Indian club  transitions, remember to post it on our Facebook page!

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