Improve your grip, wrist mobility & finger dexterity with Indian clubs

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Did you know that grip strength is associated with health, longevity and even cognitive functions?

In any case, hand strength is essential if you want to remain independent in your older days.

You can roughly break down grip strength into several specific and different types of grip:

  • Crushing (handshake, opening jars…)
  • Pinching (holding something heavy between thumb and fingers)
  • Supporting (carrying a heavy suitcase)
Specific strength requires specific training, but training your forearms goes a long way towards increasing strength and endurance of your hands and grip related activities. Between the exercises shown in the 3 videos below, you will cover most training aspects.
As you become stronger, you might experience less pain in your hands, arms or even neck like many other “swingers” we have met and talked to.
Try 3 rounds of the following circuit, once or twice a week.
Shoot for 8-15 reps per exercise. Can’t do 8 reps, the clubs are too heavy. Can do more than 15 reps, the clubs are too light. Rest about 1 minute between rounds.


Finally, thick handled clubs are another way to work your grip and forearm strength. A thick handle prevents you to fully lock your fingers and closing your hand, making your hand and wrist muscles work extra hard to control the clubs!

You can use Fatgripz and slide them on your Pahlavandle™, or swing our Pahlavandle TG. The TG club has a 5 cm diameter handle, which forces you to really engage your hand to keep a grip. And of course, the fact that you can load up the TG up to 15-20kg means there is lots of room for strength work and development!

Just be aware that doing too much work with thick handles when you have not slowly built up to it is likely to cause some elbow problems, so don’t overdo it! Make sure to engage all fingers, and stretch your forearm muscles and wrists after training.

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