Getting started with Indian clubs

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In this blog post, we have free Indian clubs videos for you to get started with this fantastic training form!

You will experience for yourself how club swinging can help you, just by adding a few moves to your daily routine. We talk on end about how great and fantastic the clubs are, and what they can help you with. Or you can get a set of Pahlavandle decide for yourself. 

We even have created for you 2 full follow along programs with simple exercises!


Click here and save our Youtube playlist : tips, step by step instruction with Indian clubs, inspiration for new moves, general info and even simple flows and combinations. We are sure you will find something you can use, and learn new things!

Indian clubs can be used in many different ways!

While swinging 2 clubs is great for coordination and cross crawl exercises, there is plenty of benefits to swinging a single club. Just repeat the swings on the opposite side!
And if you decided to swing with 2 hands on the club, remember to switch grips to balance the training.

Nobody says you have to use Indian clubs exclusively. In fact, you’d miss out!

We show you  2 easy ways to combine clubs swinging with bodyweight and kettlebells. Try the free follow along programs we made for you, and leave us a comment on Youtube!

You can customize those workouts to your own needs by deciding the length of the intervals or number of repetitions for each exercise.

Sample program #1: Indian clubs & Bodyweight

This one is based on time intervals.

Sample program #2: Indian clubs & Kettlebells

This next workout is based on reps, but you could easily adapt it to time intervals. 
If you’re new to kettlebells, we also have the right tutorial for you to learn the kettlebell swing.
Remember that Thierry is a former Kettlebell Sport champion and has coached many athletes to national and international level!

You’re welcome!

We hope you enjoyed this intro material to club swinging, our approach to teaching, and are now interested in learning more! 

You will not find a better set of affordable and adjustable on the market, period. Go to our shop to order your set of Pahlavandle™, and check out the range of video tutorial downloads we have! 

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