The benefits of a world class coach

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Today we have a guest post, written by Jonas Thylstrup, Trainer at InnerGym in Copenhagen, Denmark. “We’ve had the privilege of training with Thierry Sanchez from Heroic Sport. And let me tell you, it’ wasn’t your typical experience of attending a workshop with lots of filler and little relevant info you can pass on to your own students… Here’s why we think of Thierry as a world-class coach at what he does:

Attention to detail

Most people can teach different skills in training reasonably well. Indian clubs and kettlebells workshopBut, due to his background as a World-Champion, and his extreme attention to detail, he always tries to improve technique and form, and how to teach those skills to others. The foundation skills keeps being refined, so that you end up with principles instead of yet another method. Thierry also tries to remove superfluous details that while sounding great and might impress novices serve no real purpose…

Seriously practicing what he preaches

Indian clubs workshop and certificationWe know the usual saying ‘practice what you preach’. Yet does it really mean something anymore? Isn’t it just a smart slogan? In Thierry we found the real deal. Few people can boast of being a world-champion at what they teach, yet titles are only one side of the coin. If you’ve been a champion 10 years ago, a lot of things can change, and you might lose some sharpness in that long stretch of time. This is not the case here. Due to continuous practice and being constantly challenged by questions from his students, Thierry is always razor sharp and able to provide you with new drills, techniques and info on how to improve your training even more.

Learn and apply!

The best teachers usually come as students from the best teachers in the previous generation and this is definitely true here as well. Having learned from 2 former world-champions, Thierry brings the best from both the great masters of the past and from new knowledge, to teach to all of us in the present. All in all, if you are looking for a top kettlebell and Indian clubs trainer and educator, Thierry has our highest recommendations. We plan to bring him back to Copenhagen to further develop our skills!” If you cannot attend a live workshop with us, you have the possibility to learn at your own rhythm with our video downloads and even become certified online.