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An adjustable heavy club was the logical follow up to the original Pahlavandle.  

Buying heavy Indian clubs has always been a logistics challenge…

Shipping heavy clubs rapidly becomes expensive. In some cases, manufacturers restrict shipping only to the country of manufacture.

We offer different models of adjustable heavy club that weigh around 2kg.That’s huge savings on shipping!

You decide how heavy you want them when you receive them, and progress to heavier loads as you become more skilled and stronger. No longer do you need a whole rack of heavy clubs.

Heavy Indian clubs and maces have been used to build the powerful physiques of Kushti wrestlers. It’s a full body workout compared to the lighter British style Indian clubs.

Creating an adjustable heavy club

We love thinking outside the box. Back in early 2018 I shared thoughts with Ron about an adjustable heavy club. After a  short while, he came up with a prototype that led to a few different ideas.

After lots of testing and improving the designs, we came up with the current models of our heavy Pahlavandle range.

In case you do not know, Ron turns all our clubs by hand, right here at our headquarters. We get the raw materials, and do everything from the start to finish after that.

The construction

The Pahlavandle TG  consist of 2 wooden parts (the handle and end cap) and a tube.
The whole thing is held in place with a threaded rod, and a wingnut. Not only can you adjust the weight with different fillers, you could also customize the length further by cutting the tube shorter.

When you receive your adjustable heavy club, you simply load it with some dry filler of your choice. We recommend wood pellets, gravel or metal scrap as cheap fillers to increase the weight of the club.

The Pahlavandle Gama is plate loadable, and fits Olympic size weight plates. The advantage is that you can accurately load it and change weights rapidly according to the exercises, or demands of the program.

The handles are made of reclaimed mahogany the furniture industry rejects because of “non traditional” wood patterns.

The body of the clubs are made of sustainable bamboo, which is used in the building industry as an alternative to slow growing hardwoods.

The hollow core of the TG is made of reclaimed plastic

The best thing about our heavy adjustable club range is the feel of wood in the hand.

Making clubs out of steel is practical, fast and cheap, but the cold touch and weight distribution is not something we are fan of.

How to take care of your wooden indian clubsOur adjustable heavy clubs maintain the feel and swing quality of traditional clubs!

We do not use epoxy or any glossy finish on our wooden clubs, but a special type of Danish oil that provides good, non slippery and natural feel.

What kind of design is that Pahlavandle TG?

mudgar mugdar indian clubsThe  TG is a hybrid, inspired by designs of traditional heavy Indian clubs like karlakattais and mudgars.

Those clubs have a long handle with enough room for 2 hands, and a cylindrical shape. This results in a more uniform weight distribution overall than say a conic shaped club like a Persian meel. In short, they are not top heavy, with the weight close to the center of the club. This requires more activation throughout the swing. The weight distribution does not assist you.

The fact that you can swing mugdars and karlakattais single handed or with both hands makes them very versatile.

Other traditional clubs, like Persian meels or Indian Joris, are often times reduced to swinging in alternating fashion behind the back. This very fact affects the design of the pommel/ knob as well.

We implemented a minimal pommel so that it never gets in the way as you swing our adjustable heavy clubs in all planes of motion, not just behind the back.

The Palavandle Tg comes in 2 lengths.

Check out some of the exercises you could do with it!

Isn’t a Gada a long type of mace?

plated loadable gada mace bulava Good question indeed!

The gadas used by kusthi wrestlers are indeed long maces. They train mostly for an exercise that replicates throwing an opponent over the shoulder.

The more ancient version of the gada, also known as Hanuman’s gada is basically the same length as a foot soldier’s mace. This style of gada is preserved by a sport called gada yuddha.

Hamuman and his gada mace
Bhima holding a gada mace
single heavy Indian club exercises

Kusthi wrestlers, such as the legendary great Gama, are presented with such a “short” gada when they win tournaments.

This is the gada we based our Pahlavandle Gama’s design. We wanted a mace that could be used for more than just a couple of exercises!

The weight distribution of the pahlavandle TG makes this short mace feel totally different from the Pahlavandle TG.

You can also micro load it very accurately and rapidly by adding or removing weight plates.

If you are interested in heavy club workouts, check out this article with full tutorials.

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