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Problems related to a sedentary lifestyle are nothing new. The following parable about what Indian clubs can do for you was first published in a  magazine from the heydays of Indian clubs in the Western world, the late 1800’s.


Let the tale unfold…

An Oriental king, by the luxurious life of a palace had lost appetite for food, and relish for occupation or pleasure. At length, dreadfully weary of doing nothing, yet too weak of will to rise up and find something to do, he called his wise men about him, to prescribe a remedy for his evil condition.
At this they were a good deal puzzled, for it did not require much wisdom to see that all the king needed was to stir himself, and shake off the slothfulness that had fastened upon him. So, one after another, evading the real difficulty, proposed a journey, a change of diet, a sleeping potion, or some light tonic; but, as the wise men expected, these remedies accomplished nothing, while the king grew daily more listless and languid. At last, an obscure man, who had heard of this strange malady, made bold one day to ask an audience of the king, professing to bear an important message. The king granted his request, and with an air of great languor, asked his message.

“To cure thee, 0 King,” he said.

The king was astonished and unbelieving. “How canst thou,” he said, “accomplish what the learning of my kingdom has failed to do?”

The stranger quietly replied, “I bring thee this club. Within its handle lie hidden potent drugs, which will impart their virtues only when thy hand, grasping the club, and brandishing it thus and thus, hath become heated, and imparted its heat to them. Then will their healing power be aroused, and the cure begin. Rise with tomorrow’s sun, eat sparingly of simple food, and when the sun is three hours high, withdraw into thy garden. There, for the space of half an hour, swing this club as I have instructed thee; and after that, go to thy bath and thy couch. Two hours after the midday meal, go forth again to thy garden; use the club as in the morning, and afterward bathe and rest. Continue thus till the cure is complete.”

The king was persuaded to try the remedy, though much doubting of any success. To his surprise and joy the first day gave relish for the simple food allowed him, and at night his sleep was sweet and unbroken. The rising sun called him to a second day of trial, which he spent like the first, with increase of good result. Thus passed a third day, and many more, till the keen delight of returning health reminded him of the debt of gratitude he owed his unknown benefactor. Summoning him to his presence, his eagerness to reward him knew no bounds, and he would have lavished upon him wealth and honors without stint. But the stranger modestly declined the royal bounty, saying, “Thou owest nothing to me. No drug could have worked so marvelous a change. Thou owest all to the exercise thou hast taken, and the temperate living thou hast practiced.”

It’s up to you to take charge!

There you have it, simple advice with a simple piece of equipment. You just have to swing it everyday…

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