Indian clubs for everyone!

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Indian clubs are for everyone, from kids to office workers to elite athletes.

Training with Indian clubs is more like a form of skill practice, and therefore the intensity of training can be relatively low, unless you decide otherwise. Low intensity and focus on skills and movement is what make club swinging a sort of meditation in motion, and makes it very helpful for recovery from heavy strength training.

It’s easy to get started too.

Right from the start!

Our Pahlavandle™ is adjustable from 200 grams to 3kg, so you are sure to find your right starting weight, and also have a chance to increase the weight as you get more skilled and stronger.

Indian clubs, gymnastics, boxing, fencing equipment on British Navy shipFor reference, British soldiers in the 1800s swung 2kg regulation clubs. In competitions, clubs weighed 1,5kg. When starting off, men were advised to use 1kg and women 500 grams.

It’s also easy to get started with club swinging. Download our video tutorials, and swing along!

Weightlifters swing them!

Here’s what weightlifting legend Tommy Kono has to say about Indian clubs in his book “Championship Weightlifting”:

“Although the weight of the Indian Clubs may be only a pound or two, it isn’t so much the weight, but smoothness of the swing and the rhythm that increases the mobility of the shoulders, elbows and wrists.
A few minutes spent in working with the Indian Clubs will more than pay off in great dividends as a recovery exercise. I bring your attention to this type of training because I have benefited from them and feel there is a need to promote flexibility in the shoulders without taxing them.”

For the record, Tamio “Tommy” Kono (born June 27, 1930) was a U.S. weightlifter in the 1950s and 1960s. Kono is the only Olympic weightlifter in history to have set world records in four different weight classes. He also won the  bodybuilding Mr Universe title 4 times.

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